Shodasa Kriyas (the 16 refinement rituals) are Naimithika Karmas (rituals performed only at the relevant occasions) performed to make super humans. These are the practices prescribed by the Rishis to be carried out during a lifetime of a person right from birth to death. This Kriyas are intended to enhance intelligence, health and life span of a person. At the time when the practice of Shodasa Kriyas in India is in a state of oblivion, KVRF proudly announce that it could perform any of the 16 Samskara Karmas to the spiritual aspirants.Shodasa Kriya Parichaya seminars are also being conducted regularly by KVRF all over Kerala for creating awareness on Vedic rituals.

1. Garbhadhanam

Which is performed just after marriage and before pregnancy to have a good baby.

2. Pumsavanam

Which is performed just after pregnancy of second or third month.

3. Seemanthonnayanam

In 4th, 6th or in 8th month of pregnancy.

4. Jathakarmam

Just after birth of a baby i.e., the same day.

5. Namakaranam

After 101 days of birth in which name of the baby is announced.

6. Nishkramanam

When the mother and baby comes out of the house in the 3rd or 4th month to travel or to go anywhere.

7. Annaprasanam

In the 6th month of the baby after birth on the same day of birth. In this Samskara the baby is allowed to take solid food because up to 5th month baby had been taking milk/water only.

8. Chudakarmam (Mundanam)

In the first or third year.

9. Karnavedham

Ear piercing ceremony.

10. Upanayanam

The ritual of giving Brahmacharya Deeksha by wearing the sacred thread.

11. Vedaarambham

To start study of Vedas in 6 to 8 years.

12. Samavartanam

The Brahmachari has attained the knowledge of Vedas. It is performed in the age of fourteen years.

13. Vivaham

Marriage ceremony.

14. Vanaprastham

In the age of 51 plus.

15. Sanyasam

In the age of 75 plus or at any age when anyone becomes ascetic.

16. Anthyeshti

Anthyeshti, or the funeral rites, is the last Samskara performed for an individual.