Atharva Veda says “Satha hastha samahara sahasra hastha samkira” meaning, earn as if you have hundred hands but donate as if you have thousand hands. Offering one-tenth of your gross income (dasamamsha), as God’s money, to Achaarya, Rishis, needy, poor and hungry is what Veda tells. If rich utilize their property for their own sake and eat for their own self, then they will be called sinner and they eat sins. Those who practice Yajna can only donate well, as in Yajna the Mantra part “Idam Na Mama” (means this is not mine) is repeated many times.

To imbibe the perception of Charity to all, KVRF itself is taking a lead role. Every year KVRF give books, uniforms and scholarships to student from around 1000 poor families who excel in their studies. During the festival like Onam and Vishu KVRF give food items to the needy and poor. During monsoon, people living in the coastal areas are also given food items. Medicines are supplied by KVRF to other organizations who work for welfare of the tribals. KVRF is now sponsoring the education of many poor children.