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Gou shaala

welcome to the Gou Shaala of KVRF , here we nuture variety of indigenous Breed cows such as the Gurarat Gir, The Krishna ,Kasargod Dwarf etc. we have now 24 cows in our gou shala which is the only centre in Malabar region where cows are protected not for milk but as a tradition and responsibility.in the year 2017  we rescued  9 Gir cows which were sent to Butcher house we paid the farm people the amount offered by the meat dealer and hence now we have more than 16 Girs in our gou shala , 

Managing the Gou shala is a herculien Task as we have to provide food and clean the premises very often , huge money is spent on protection of cows and running Gou Shala . In this modern world its difficult for induviduals to manage cows at their Houses , but as a responsible Citizen of Bharath it is our Duty to Protect the indeginous Cow breeds before they get extinct to the milk machine cows of the west. The Milk od indigenous breed is the best milk in the world for its all medicinal values. we reques the good people of Bharath to Donate generously to the Foundation to provide more space and take in more cows in our gou shala.

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